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The One Thing You Need To Know When Making Hard Decisions


We are often faced with decisions that leave us uncertain about the results that will follow. These decisions added up lead to the overall direction of your life. When faced with a decision of this magnitude it is helpful to look at the past events objectively as if you had no attachment on your life. When you look at your life through the lens of a bi standard it allows you to make more effective choices.

Quantifying your life in relation to the results you have been getting up until this point will also lead to added clarity. It allows you to explore the reasons for these results. The goal of this exercise is to change what is not working and to do more of what is working. If you are in a situation that has provided failure or lack of results, there must be a change in the approach, actions, and choices you have made to get said results in order to get new ones.

Pain plus reflection equals progress - Ray Dalio (Bridgewater Associates)

Results whether they are good or bad provide knowledge for you to move forward. Taking failures and setbacks as knowledge. This form of objective analysis on your life will lead to better results each and every time if the knowledge is applied in a deliberate progressive way.

Take a look at the results you have been getting in your life. Analyze the reasons behind them and take this data into making better decisions, therefore receiving better results for you entire life.


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