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The Future Of Music Beyond 2021 - 5 Predictions You Need To Know

Have you ever wondered what the future might be like compared to today? What type of new inventions and devices will we be using? How will we be listening to music? How will you connect to your fans and perform live shows? Will there even be live shows...?All of these questions are great to ask. There have been serious steps in the music industry from the time people were buying records to now having millions of songs at the touch of a button. Recent technological developments lead us to believe that the future looks bright and exciting for the music industry.

5 Predictions You Need To Know

1. No More Record Labels

Record labels controlling the majority of the music industry will be a thing of the past from a traditional standpoint. More and more companies are giving musicians the ability to handle every aspect of their career. Record labels primary function today serves as a financier and marketer for musicians. This will be gone because of more opportunities for musicians to fund, increase revenue, build a strong audience, and become better artists are readily being made every day.

2. Artificial Music Personalities

Are you familiar with @lilmiquela on Instagram? This is an artificially created personality that currently has 3 million followers on Instagram and counting. There will be a great opportunity for artists to sculpt a personality like this into one that is ideal for a particular audience. The music will be made by musicians like yourself, but the personality on all social media, images, and video will be created graphically to have the appearance of a real artists.

3. A.I Music Creation

Do you think musicians and artists like yourself will be extinct? We do! Well maybe not extinct, but you will have more competition. Eventually there will be artificially created systems that will be able to make humanized, interesting, great pieces of music without having humans do it. Artificial intelligence has already been able to re-create new music by acts such as Nirvana and The Beatles.

4. Hologram Shows

The future will have shows performed by any music creator who ever lived. Want to see Tupac live? How about a performance by Ludwig van Beethoven as he sits down center stage playing the piano? These legends of music and many more will be available for us to go and watch. The best part is that it will look and sound like the real thing. It will be as real as if you took a time machine to the exact time when they were at their best.

5. Music Implants

A current idea that legendary Entrepreneur and Engineer Elon Musk has given thought to is a micro chip that can be implanted into the cerebral cortex of human beings. Instead of using headphones or any other listening device, we will be able to hear music and audio inside our own heads. This will be the ultimate listening device for human beings in the sense that it will be as if you are one with the music you are listening to.


Virtual Reality Shows

This has already started to happen and has increased given the state of the past year or so. This will be amplified in the sense that you can experience a live show by your favorite artists as if you were actually there without leaving the "comfort" of your own home. You will be able to go backstage, interact, be front row, and do anything your heart dreams of by putting on a virtual reality headset.


If history has a sense of repeating itself, we can be sure that the future will be bright in the sense of innovation, expansion, and progress. The past couple of decades have been a period of massive change in society, especially the music industry. The future of music beyond 2021 will be one of great change and liberation for musicians. The way that we interact, listen, and experience music will all be amplified. We are excited and cannot wait to see all of the opportunities that lay ahead for us all to experience!

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