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The Difference: Amateur vs. Pro

Have you wondered what makes the pros so good? How do they seem to have been "born with talent"?

We explore the main differences between being an amateur and pro when applied to your music career that gives you the steps to take if you want to become a pro in no time!

The Pro Shows Up

The Amateur: Makes music when they feel like making music. If they don't feel like making music they don't.

The Pro: Makes music regardless of how they feel. If they don't feel like it, they do it anyway.

The truth is the amateur and pro are no different. They both don't feel like it. The difference is doing it regardless of how they feel. It's tough. But that is why there is only one Drake and millions of amateurs. You make the choice!

Deliberate Practice

Amateurs practice the things they are comfortable with. They play the same chord progression they already mastered at the same speed.

Pro's practice to get better. They practice outside their comfort zones pushing the boundaries of their skills. They practice new chord progressions at faster and faster paces.

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Learning From Failure

The amateur uses failure as justification to quit and give up. A pro uses failure to get better. The main component is humility. Humility to realize that you are not as good as you want to be, but know that you can be if you continue to work and learn from failure.

A common element with pro's is the fact they use failure not only as lessons, but as fuel to give them more energy.


The focus to stay with it. The focus to practice when you could be out with friends. The focus to believe in something even if you don't have evidence that it can be done.

Maintaining focus for the long term is one of if not the most important difference.


Here are elements that make the difference between amateur's and pros. If you decide to become pro, use these tips to your advantage. If you are already a pro congratulations. These tips will resonate with you and know them to be true!

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