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The 1 Thing That Stands Between You And Being A Successful Musician

It may look like there are a lot of things that stand between you and the level of musician you want to become. There is one main factor that stands in your way and that is resistance. Resistance is the attempt to stop something. This comes in every form you can possibly imagine and it comes in the most deceptive ways you can think of. For us the most common forms of resistance come from doubt, over analyzing, and procrastination. You may experience resistance in these cases and in other ways such as friends and family not supporting your music career, lack of results with your music, and the pressure to fit in. There are ways that you can overcome this resistance however. Here are four tips you can use to become a successful musician and silence the resistance in your life.

1. 5 Second Rule

This rule comes from famous personal development coach and author Mel Robbins. Whenever you do not feel like practicing or writing music count down from five. Five, Four, Three, Two, One... and then do it. This can help you to do just about anything you do not want to do in your career, but you know will help you accomplish what you want. Like Nike says "Just Do It".

2. Repetition

Have you ever noticed the more you do something the better at it you become. And the better at it you become the more confident you become. And the more confident you become the more you want to do it? This came from repetition. When we first started writing these articles we had no idea what to do (and still don't really!). But we kept the repetitions everyday gradually and now are confident delivering this information to you.

3. Just Show Up

Overcoming the resistance in your life will be easier by just showing up. Just show up, just sit down, and just move your body to wherever you practice or write. Once your body is there it becomes easier for you to start working.

4. Motivate Yourself

Having a picture or physical vision for what you want will keep you going in times where you want to give up. This can also be a song you love to get you started or a saying you like to read. Having a little something that you know gets you excited will silence the resistance between you and getting started.

Resistance is the only thing between you and your greatness - Steven Pressfield "theWarofArt"


Resistance is a war that will show up everyday for the rest of your life. Whether you choose to give in to it or fight back will be your decision. Use these tips to help you win the constant war to accomplish the dreams you have in your life and become a successful musician!


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