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How To Burnout As An Artist: 5 Things To Learn From

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Have you suffered from any form of burnout with your music before? Has it been in the last 24hrs? This is completely natural when it comes to something that you desire so badly. You pour your heart, soul, time, energy, and the kitchen sink into music only to be worn out and ready to pack it all in.

In order to reduce and eliminate burnout we will go through 5 things that have contributed to burnout in the past.


Lesson #1: Go From 0-100 Real Quick

You are so excited about becoming a great music creator that millions of people love around the world that you dedicate all of your waking time to perfecting your art. You go from occasionally making music to spending 15 hour days non stop 7 days a week.

Biting off more than you can chew certainly will contribute to burnout. A more moderate approach with consistency combats this. This desire to work all the time mainly stems from wanting things quickly. The day and age we live in is driven around instant gratification. It is challenging to silence this voice. When you approach it with the mindset that it will take a long time you will be more patient with yourself and progress.

Lesson #2: Eliminate The Other Things You Love

We all have multiple interests in life. As humans we have a lot of things we love to do. Eliminating all of your passions and loves for music will leave you drained because you have sacrificed things you love. Make time for the things you love along with music. It will leave you refreshed and more creative.

Lesson #3: Isolate Yourself

Making music is an isolating process especially if you are a solo producer or singer. Being around other humans not only makes music fun but also stimulates your creativity by collaboration and association.

Even if the project you are working on right now requires a heavy amount of time alone, be sure to connect with people on a weekly basis.

Lesson #4: Don't Take Care Of Your Health

A lack of exercise, fresh air, poor diet, and mental health is one of the biggest contributors to burnout as an artist. It is natural to neglect this part because of the flow state that many artists get into as they are creating. One hour turns into two, into ten, and soon you have let the whole day go by without doing anything for your health.

"Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live." - Jim Rohn

Lesson #5: Don't Listen To The Signs

Before anyone burns out in their life there are clear signs that you neglect to listen to. Whether it is your body, a significant other, a friend, or your own heart. There will be something that comes up more than once you brushed to the side.

Take a moment every day to listen to yourself. Ask yourself questions to see how much you can get out of your body and mind. As you get older the body and mind will give you more and more indications of what it is capable of. Listen to yourself as it is always right.


How to burn yourself out as an artist is not a difficult thing. You have now been informed of the major causes to burnout and how you can reduce it. Keep pushing yourself and work hard. Remember to be patient with yourself and the process while remaining conscious awareness of the signs your body and mind are telling you.

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