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How Natural Sounds Will Change Your Music

Are you looking for that spark that will differentiate your music and lead you to your unique style? Using natural sounds in your music can be a game changer. The reason being that many producers use electronic sounds and standard plugin presets. Of course those can sound incredible but adding something that is real and out of the ordinary may speak to your listeners that much more.

Here are 3 ways Natural sounds can change your productions:

1. You Differentiate Yourself

How many songs have the same hi hats and sub bass in them? Does it sound like every single one sounds the same or just like it? One thing is for sure that a lot of songs won't have a recording you took of the cars driving by in your neighborhood! Or a layer of people walking around a busy mall. A sure way to differentiate and find your style is to experiment with new sounds.

2. It Humanizes Your Music

Humans like to strive to be perfect but at the end of the day we all have flaws. You relate to things that are also not perfect, which is why people love music that has minor imperfections in them. Songs that do not line up perfectly on the grid and sometimes go out of rhythm. You would be surprised to see how many famous songs have minor flaws in them but it resonates because it reminds us of ourselves.

3. You Become A Better Producer

You may find it harder to add natural sounds to fit in with the key and other elements of your song. This will push your production skills to another level. Don't give up at the first sign of difficulty when it comes to this. Stay at it to fit your natural sounds into your music even if you have to add it as a hit to build up a hook or drop.

3 Ways To Use It

1. The Subtle Technique

You can use natural sounds in your music in a couple of different ways. This technique being that it sits subtly behind all other elements in your mix. Say you take a recording of birds chirping and the wind blowing. By lowering the volume and presence these natural sounds are used as texture to color the rest of your mix. The listener hears it but at the same time their attention is focused on the main elements of your song.

2. Main Attraction

This strategy uses your natural recording as the main attraction throughout the song. After the listener is done with your song they will remember that one distinctive sound. This is can come in the form of literally anything in your song. Whether it acts as a member of your drum pattern, a chord progression, or even an element to go with vocals. This will be an attention grabber for the listener.

3. Add It As Texture

Adding natural sounds as a layer that sits in the background will help with filling space and providing the listener with a unique feel. The art of creating texture within your mix depends on what type of texture you want. For example a crunch or rustle is different than a texture of the wind or the ocean. Whatever texture you feel will add that extra emotion to your song go with it.


Adding natural elements can improve your songs for your listeners. It can also help you find new styles to become a better producer with pushing your boundaries as well. Try some of these techniques and suggestions to improve your music and your abilities as a music producer.


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