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The Little-Known Formula That Will Change The Way You Think About Your Life

Updated: May 7, 2021

Simple steps to get better results

Measuring your time is one of the simplest ways to understand your life better. If you look at your life as a scientist who experiments with different formulas you will find one that works. In order to find a formula that produces great results you have to first measure your life. The way you go about doing this is by tracking where your time is being spent, what are the results, and how can you improve on this.

Three part method to measuring your life:

1. Measure Your Time

Before you start doing something in your life start a stopwatch on your phone or watch. An example of this is before you make yourself breakfast and eat start the clock. After you have completed the meal and you are ready to move on to something else in your life stop the clock. Then journal in the full time with a title of the completed action (keep all tasks in one place). Repeat this for every little aspect like taking a shower, brushing your teeth, working, working out, listening to music, etc. You will have a better understand about your life and how you spend your time once you know where it is being spent. Then you can start to improve upon it!

You can't manage what you don't measure. - Peter Drucker

2. Results

Now you have the results of where and how much you spend your time.. Look at the areas where you spend most of your time and the least of your time. Look at the time you spend the most as a direct reflection of where you are in your life and the results you have been getting up to this point. Where you spend most of your time and energy is in direct proportion to the results you receive in your life. You have the numbers, reflected on the results you've been getting up to this point, and can now start the next step to improve on this so you see better results in your life.

3. Improve

Look at one main area that you want to improve upon. What can you decrease in another area and put that time towards the area you want to improve. This is the first step to improving the results you receive in life. After you have done this you start to measure the individual areas themselves. This is a continuous process that works as a cycle.


You can start with small measures throughout your day. If measuring all areas of your life seems to much of a task, then start by measuring one simple thing you do every day and follow the guidelines above to improve upon it. Measuring the time during your life and ways to improve upon it is something the highest performers do in their lives and now you do too!


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