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7 Key Methods To Instagram Marketing

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

As a music creator an important aspect to your field is marketing. How do you stand out amongst the millions of other people trying to compete for your listeners attention? Well there are effective ways for you to communicate, cultivate, and grow a great following. These suggestions are not a quick fix to your problem but a couple of them can take off over night!

7 Key Methods To Instagram Marketing

1. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has been a hot up and coming marketing tool over the past couple of years. This strategy simply works by having accounts promote your songs, brand, and music on their page. Their following provides value to you in the case of exposure. Picking the right account to promote your music can make a big difference in your exposure.

2. Voice Message

The voice message feature in the direct message section on instagram has proven to have great results for us. In the sense of connection with your audience and potential followers. Sending a personal message via voice message does take a little extra effort but it has made a positive difference for our community and will for you as well.


The more people that share your content the more marketing exposure you gain. Every single account has followers for the most part. The more people that share your page to their followers the more eyes and ears are open to what you have going on.

4. Commenting

A free and easy way to market your page on instagram is to comment on other accounts photos. Every single comment that you make is free marketing for you. The reason is that anyone who follows this account can look at these comments and see your comment which gives you direct exposure to more people.

5. Consistency

Posting consistently on instagram is a must to gain constant exposure. The more that you post the more relevant you stay in the eyes of your followers. There are benefits to holding on content in a strategic manor but the more consistent you can become the better. This also has to do with the content that you post. Your content should be consistent to the image and style that you are going for.

6. Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way for you to reach new people who are interested in the content that you are posting. Use deliberate hashtags that make sense for the people you are trying to reach. For example say you have a hip hop song you want to release. You can use key hashtags like #hotnewhiphop #newhiphopartist to focus on the audience that you are going after.

7. Be Personal

The world is trending towards more brands that are directly relating to other people. We all face the same challenges and difficulties more or less in life. The odds of what you are experiencing someone else is experiencing too. You have the courage to show the personal side of you and your art will make a tremendous connection on a deeper level to your fans.


Instagram marketing is a great way for you to gain exposure as a music creator. The more creative you can be to enhance the core elements of connection, relationship, and value to your audience the better off you will be. Use these 7 key methods to instagram marketing to cultivate your audience and gain exposure with your music.

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