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5 Ways To Stay Patient As An Artist

(#5 Will Surprise You)

It's challenging to stay patient some times.

In many cases you find yourself comparing yourself to others, focusing on the future too much, or doing something in spite of someone else. It is natural as a human being to do a combination of these, but none are in alignment with the music success you desire.

This post describes 5 ways you can stay patient as an artist and go on to achieve great things.

1. You vs. Past You

Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not who someone else is today. When you look at your own life, you will see the obstacles you've overcome thus far, the skills you've learned, and the songs you've made.

This focus shows how capable you are of staying patient and how far you've come.

This progress help's you with...

2. Your Own Journey

It's a fact that no human is the same as another. You are unique from everyone else on this planet. You have your own voice and message to say to the world. A lot of artists get in their own (or the record label) about creating a sound just like an already famous artist.

"It works for Drake, why wouldn't it work for you?"

This is not to say you shouldn't experiment with different styles and genre's. This is to say that you are not a carbon copy of anyone else and should not imitate others but put your own spin on things.

Understanding your individuality will give you peace in the process to realize your success happens in a time that is specific to you.

3. Focus On The Process

When you focus on creating music it is almost impossible to be impatient. You don't have time to focus on your ego believing you should have 50 million followers and making $100 million dollars a year by now.

It's after you come out of creating and look to social media when impatience kicks in.

When this happens, shift back to creating, listening, or playing around with your music.

4. Meditate

For us, meditation has been a life changing practice to control negative emotions you experience daily.

This one only takes 10 mins! Let's Go

Meditation will help you be more patient, calm, and overall creative. The ideas that come from this will astonish you. Your mind gets filled up with stuff during the day, it's when you empty it out that you can connect to yourself and see things clearly.

5. Step Away

This may seem counterintuitive, but stepping away from your music and career for a day, week, or month may give you more energy and productivity.

This will allow you to be objective as to what you are happy with and what you need to improve. Increasing overall patience.


Becoming a successful artist is a journey. You are in the select few that makes music with passion and has big dreams. In order to reach the milestones and great success you desire, it takes a combination of patience and urgency.

Use these tips to remain patient in the process to becoming a better artist!

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