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5 Tips To Have Your Music Slice Through The Noise

Have you been struggling to have your music reach a large enough audience to gain traction? This is one of the top problems up and coming artists face today. With more than 20 million songs being uploaded just on Spotify every year, the challenge of standing out from the rest continues to grow. The good news is that there are strategies and techniques that you can apply. When you focus on these primary ways, your music will slice through the rest and be heard.

5 Tips To Have Your Music Slice Through The Noise

1. Playlists (Spotify, SoundCloud)

What has become the modern day radio are playlists (especially Spotify). This is where the majority of the world discovers new popular music. The more following a playlist has the more audience you reach. Spotify has specifically designed algorithm's that tell it which songs are trending to be added to these playlists. Along with curators monitoring these songs. Putting new ones on and taking under performed ones off. Your music will absolutely slice through the noise once on these playlists.

How you go about doing that is up to you, effective ways are to befriend, influence, or pay curators to add you. Or have the listen time on your songs be immensely high with a lot of people listening. The better it does the better the playlists.


Shares are one of the most important thing when it comes to reaching more people. The most powerful marketing you can have for your music is word of mouth. Word of mouth comes from people telling other people about your music. Everyone on social media has an audience. When others share your music, it creates a chain effect to be seen by the audience of the people who share it. It doesn't matter how big or small the audience is, everyone matters.

3. Big Account Endorsement

Having a reputable person, company, or page endorse your music can sky rocket your career. Just one share from a big time artist will get your music in the front of their whole audience. Be creative if you don't have $10,000 for a one time post on this persons story. What can you give them that they need to build that relationship?

4. Play Off A Controversial Topic

Have you heard the saying "any press is good press?" This strategy of creating a buzz around a controversial topic can definitely get you some attention. The truth of the matter is the more wild and crazy your stunt or thoughts are the more attention you will gain. It has to be something that the world is interested in, then you can play off that and tie your music into this topic.

5. Create A Story

News, blogs, and music publications are constantly looking for stories to run. Even though you may not be on their radar right now, you can still give them something they want. A story that will interest their readers is all you need.


Use these strategies and tips to slice through the noise and get your music heard. Not everyone is thinking as outside the box and creative as you are. This is one of your biggest advantages when it comes to slicing through and being noticed for the great work that you have.


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