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5 Keys To Become A Well Rounded Music Producer

There are different ways to become a more well rounded producer other than just creating beats. In often times creating quality music may not be enough to get you to the level of success that you are looking for. Being well versed in other areas other than the creation stage will enhance your knowledge and give you more success. Here are 5 keys to become a well rounded music producer.

1. Networking

Regardless of where you are in your journey networking at all levels is important. Whether it is meeting a mentor, collaborating, or having a relationship with someone in the music business, can almost always benefit your career. A suggestion with networking is to give first. For example if it is an artist you have wanted to work with, giving them free beats will open the door for you to become apart of their network. Which will lead to more projects down the line. Your chances of consistent collaborations rather than just one increased the minute you did this.

2. Marketing

What type of producer are you? Be specific when you answer this question for yourself. The more specific you are with what genre and sub genre you produce in, the better your marketing will be. Your marketing should be tailored to the person you want to produce for. What do they like? What has their music, sounds, and elements consisted of? What type of graphics and visuals do they like? Success will come from copying what has worked in the past by putting your on style on it.

3. Music Theory

You clearly don't need to be experienced in music theory to become a great producer. This can only enhance your skills however. Knowing music theory as it relates to making your own chord progressions and melodies will make you a cut above the rest. This can open a lot more creativity when it comes to different scales of music and experimentation.

4. Mixing & Mastering

Yes you can hire an engineer to do your mixing and mastering. A good understanding of these will most certainly make you a more well rounded producer. You most likely have a good understanding or at least basic knowledge of mixing being a producer. As it relates to mixing the individual sounds of a mix and mastering being the polish you put on the mix as a whole to shape and raise the levels for a professional release.

5. Communication Skills

If you plan on having studio sessions with artists and other people communication skills are important. Working with the artist to create an awesome song is the goal. Facilitating what that person wants and delivering it to them by communicating and listening to what they are saying. This seems pretty basic but you would be surprised how many neglect to actually listen and be cooperative with the people they make music with.


Take these 5 keys to become a well rounded music producer with you. Practice and an understanding about the different areas of your field will benefit you by increasing your value towards the music industry. The best way to ensure your success is to keep learning, practicing, and doing the things other successful music producer have done to get them where they are, which will inevitably lead you to success.


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