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5 Easy Tips To Have Your Best Studio Session

Have you ever been at the studio making music and you look up and realize that nothing has been done? Whether you are making music from your house or in a recording studio, you can use these tips to maximize your time to come out of your next session knowing you accomplished something. Here are 5 tips to have your best studio session yet!

1. Pre-plan

Set your intentions for what you want to accomplish in this session. Whether it is a new project or working on an existing song, know what you are setting out to accomplish. This will give you a clear direction. If you want to explore whatever direction comes into your head, great! Write it down before and be intentional about it. Write out a game plan on paper as to the things you want to get done. This will keep you on track when inevitable distractions come into play.

2. Eliminate Distractions

This brings us to our next tip. Eliminate distractions such as notifications, phones, and anyone who will not get in the way of your creative process. It is perfectly fine to have people who support you there, just as long as they do not distract you from why you are there in the first place.

3. Be On Time

You want to make every minute you have count. Especially if you are paying to use the studio. Planning on arriving 10 minutes in advance is always a good thing. Once you are in the studio you are on the clock. Make the time relative to what you are paying be be worth your money.

4. Tune Instruments Before

If you are planning on recording live instruments, we suggest you tune your instrument before hand. This can include backups. So your time in the studio is spent mainly towards recording, writing, and creating. You don't want to be doing things that you could easily do at your home in your session.

5. Stick To The Plan

Sometimes a creative idea just comes to you and you take the song in an entire different direction. This is an amazing occurrence and strongly suggest you explore any avenue this leads to. Sticking to your plan will most certainly allow you to make the most of your time. Especially if you have a million and one ideas running through your head. Once you accomplish your plan. Then you can have the room to create and experiment other elements if time permits.


You want your money to stretch as far as possible. When it comes to studio time the hourly rates can add up. So prepare a plan, eliminate distractions, tune your instruments, be on time, and stick to it to make the most out of your studio time and have your best session yet!


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