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4 Shocking Costs To Not Investing

As a young person in society there are not too many people urging you to invest money for the long term of your life. The common line you hear is that "you have time, you don't need to worry about investing." The truth of the matter is that if you neglect to invest money in your 20's you can lose millions of dollars by the time you hit your later years in life!

4 Shocking Costs To Not Investing

1.) $1.8 Million Dollars

For a person who invests $500 a month into an account that produces an average rate of return of 7% each year starting at 20 and ending at 65 has a total value of $1,857,617.48! Can you imagine if you have the ability to do this and you never do? Well you do have this possibility. It is easier than ever to come up with an extra $500 a month to go towards investing if you get creative enough with your situation.

2.) Freedom

The greatest gift you can give yourself in this life is the ability to be financially free to live life on your terms. Don't you want to travel? Make music all the time? Explore and create new things? Spend time with your friends and loved ones? Take days to relax whenever you want? When you don't invest your money and plan your desired lifestyle you lose all of these options! This can be one of your biggest regrets in life if you do not start investing.

3.) Peace

One of the biggest costs to you not investing your money is peace. When you continue to have money problems and struggle there is always worry in your life. When you have enough money growing in your investments everyday, you can live stress free with an abundance of peace. Your mental well being is at stack when you do not take action on investing.

4.) Your Family Suffers

As a result to you not having invested early in your life, your family pays the price too. The bills, schooling, food, clothes, extracurricular activities, vacations, etc that you want to give to your family and kids one day will be few and far between. Even if you do manage to find the money to do these things it will be less enjoyable because you will be focused on how much it is costing you with having to pay money you do not have.


The shocking cost of not investing is not only money, but also your mental health, family, freedom, and your overall life! Find a way to get started immediately with as much or as little as you can. The benefits to you starting right now will set you up tremendously in your life so you can live on your terms doing the things you want to do.

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