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4 Core People Of An Artists Team

When you are at a certain level of your career you may want to look at the core people around you. As an artists your primary responsibility is to handle the music and creative process. That is your skillset and strength. The other people in your circle will complement your skills and talents to make sure that you have a successful long lasting career. Listed below are foundational members of your team that will ensure this success when chosen wisely.

4 Core People Of An Artists Team

1. Personal Manager

The person who will be interacting with you the most will most likely be your personal manager. This person is your go to when it comes to all aspects of navigating your career. They will be able to introduce you to the rest of the team and guide you towards making wise decisions from a business standpoint.

2. Attorney

Your attorney is someone who will be in touch with you periodically. Unlike a personal manager they most likely wont travel with you on the road. Their main job is to stay at home base and manage all contract information, legality issues, and handle the details from a legal standpoint. They are here to make sure you receive fair deals and compensation for work.

3. Business Manager

Your business manager will work in tandem with your personal manager and attorney. Most likely your business manager will handle more on the lines of your pay and finances. They are your guide towards a financial future that will leave you living your desired life during and after your career. Their job is to make sure you are financially secure for the rest of your life by using the money you have earned from being an artist.

4. Agent

An agents responsibility to you as an artist are setting up touring, tv appearances, live performances, movies, etc. They are here to go over the details of a tour with you, along all of the listed above. Agents help you expand and grow your career into different areas of the entertainment industry. Along with helping in the ways they can for your music which comes in large part to touring and live shows.


Your team is vital to your success as an artist. These 4 core people if chosen wisely are all you will ever need. They will handle all of the details when it comes to behind the scenes. Your team is here to handle all of this, along with educating you through the process. They are here to be transparent and open with what is going on in your career, why it is happening, and how you can learn to be more knowledgeable about every aspect of your career.

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