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3 Tips To Avoid Music Failure

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

Giving up. Quitting. Throwing in the towel is the surest way to become a music failure in life. The answer is to keep going. You cannot fail if you do not quit.

In this article we explore 3 tips to keep you from quitting and jumping off the proverbial cliff.

Quit Tomorrow, Not Today

When the world is closing in on you, nothing is going right, and your future seems bleak. Just make it through today. Can you not quit today? If you want to quit, quit tomorrow.

This works because you are always strong enough to not quit for the rest of the day. When tomorrow comes, you go through the same thing.

Tiny Is The Way

Goals are overwhelming sometimes. Break it down into the smallest step possible.

Example: You're making a sandwich, what is the smallest step? Get the bread out of the refrigerator? How about open the refrigerator. This breaks overwhelming things into extremely doable bit sized steps.

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How Far Have You Come?

Are you closer to your goals than when you first started? Look at your progress. Encourage yourself by seeing how much progress you've made. All those times that were challenging and you still kept going despite the feeling of giving up.

Use the challenges you've already overcome as positive reenforcement to handle the one in front of you now. In the moment it appears to be worse than it actually is. But the reality is you have overcome other challenges that felt the same way before and you are still here.

"You have lived through 100% of your challenges"

- Anonymous


The thought of quitting is natural. Every person has felt it at some point. Use these tips to propel you forward to take the next step to achieve your goals.

  • Quit tomorrow, not today

  • Tiny is the way

  • Use your previous challenges as encouragement

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