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10 Ways The Right Environment Can Make You A Great Musician

Environment whether we know it or not is the biggest silent influence in our life. The people, places, and things we see and listen to every single day shapes who we are. Being a musician with a good group of people who support your music may prove crucial to your career. A city that has music in its culture can also have a tremendous influence on you. Here are ten ways the right environment can make you a great musician.

1. It Will Push Your Limits

Being around more skilled musicians will naturally cause you to elevate your game. This may feel uncomfortable at first seeing the others who are more advanced than you, but the more time you spend with people at a higher level will increase your abilities.

2. Fear Of Falling Behind

The fear of not being good enough to be around musicians of a higher level will cause you to elevate your game from the other side of things. Fear of not being accepted by this group will cause you to practice more. In order to gain the acceptance of the group by becoming skilled like one of them.

3. Unlimited Possibilities

When you change your environment to a new place there are unlimited possibilities for you. The reason being is that this new environment is unfamiliar. The old environment only consisted of the possibilities you knew because it was familiar. The unfamiliar brings new opportunities and challenges that will expand your growth.

4. Music Culture

A city that vibrates with music culture whether you see it on a daily bases or not increases your musical creativity. The art, buildings, and aura of the culture enhances you consciously and unconsciously. You may or may not notice it but if you live in a culture filled with creativity and music you will be influenced by it one way shape or form.

5. Performance Opportunities

Cities that have a great music presence typically have great live shows, festivals, and open mic nights. This can be great for musicians new to town to start making a name for themselves and grow within the community. As you perform more and more people start to recognize you which can build a strong audience from here.

6. It Will Keep You Going

The ability to withstand the years of limited results and constant questioning to continue on will definitely help with a solid support group. A genuine support group encourages you from the viewpoint of them seeing your potential. A huge part to getting to where you want to be will have to come internally, but to have people giving you an added push when needed can make all the difference.

7. Consistent Success

Now that you have success and the money is flowing in, your great environment will keep you grounded. They looked out for you when no one else did and will continue to do so now that you have the success you have been working toward.

8. Financial Stability

What separates the artists who achieved financial success from the ones who achieved financial success and lost it all is the lack of a wise environment and discipline. Having great managers, public relations, and financial advisors can literally make or break you. A great environment that handles your business while looking out for your best interest can be the difference between having it all and losing it all.

9. Happiness

Great positive people who want to see you succeed will bring more happiness into your life. Avoid ones who are jealous and trying to become a member of your inner circle for their own personal gain. The group that supports you with genuine love and devotion will provide a lot more to your life than you may think.

10. Education

A great environment may provide you with the education to become a great musician. An increased insight behind the process of great musicians and how they live their lives can allow you to take some of their special formula and implement it into your life.


Consider your environment as the primary influence in your life. Be aware that it may not seem like it influences you on any given day, but when you add up all the days of your life it can make a huge impact. Choose great environments and people to be apart of your music career. Try and be around people who are the next level of skill that you want to be. Learn from them, and soak up all the knowledge, culture, and opportunities that being in great environments can have in your life.


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