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How MariNation Will Change Millions Of Lives Around The World

Currently we are developing an innovative app for music creators who are struggling financially. The app will allow artists and producers to upload their songs, invest their money, and receive investments from fans. This will allow people to share their music while making money in the process.

How MariNation Will Change Millions Of Lives Around The World


We know what it is like to struggle financially as a music creator. We saw that there is a problem in this system of creation when it comes to money. To work so hard on music for little financial return at all stages of one's career has to be changed. We want to help the people who are making an honest effort at their dreams. The people who are making music and not seeing the results that they deserve financially. A reliable place for people to make money while expressing themselves. A place that is open with the user's that has no hidden agenda but to help and serve those who use it.

How The User Makes Money

How the user makes money is through investments that MariNation sets up. These investments do not require the user to research or know anything about financial investing (although we strongly encourage it). We take care of the user's investing with our expert team to match their goals and financial situation. For every song that is uploaded, the user also upload's an investment amount. The money is put into their account, and the song is uploaded to be shared with the entire world. As the money grows, so does the music!

Why It Will Help

The app will start to grow user's money. This money can be used for a number of ways in which they decide. This help's anyone looking to release themself from financial stress. This help's the user stay with music through all the challenges. To see uploading music can make money will show that they can stay with it to the level that they want to accomplish.


Features of the app include:

  • Music Sharing

  • Streaming

  • Investing

  • Fan Investing

The primary features are focused on helping music creators make & grow their money.


This app is for you, developed by people like you who have been in the same situation you are currently in. This app will change millions of lives around the world by providing an innovative way for people in a field that lacks the financial rewards necessary to sustain a long lasting career.

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it."

- Alan Kay

We love to hear your thoughts and opinions!

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