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How MariNation's Creators Are Shaping The Next Normal

Music creators of all kinds need to exist for the sake of humanity. People need to have music in their lives one way or another as an embodiment of the creative expression each human carries within them.

MariNation creators are shaping the next normal by being apart of a community that focuses on your whole life as a music creator.

A platform that allows a music creator to invest in themself first and foremost.

A new approach to helping artists financially in the music industry by empowering you with the knowledge and resources to have an understanding about every aspect of your career. Along with the ability to allow your fans and investors of the opportunity to pay you in exchange for a percentage of your music revenue.

This allows you to receive payment for your music in order to pay any and all expenses you have in your life.


The next normal will be one where people of all kinds are able to make money from their passions and interests. Everyone who is willing to take the chance will become their own company and brand. Technology has allowed millions of people to do just that and will most certainly continue within our community and the lives of artists around the world.


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