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How To Maximize Your Production Time!

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

How To Maximize Your Production Time!

___________________ 1. Be Intentional - What exactly do you need to accomplish in this session? Write it down and break it into small actionable steps to completing it. 2. Time Management - Set a window of time for yourself (We recommend setting a timer and working in intervals of 30-90min then take a break, stand up and regroup for 5-10min) 3. Deep Work -Eliminate any possible distractions during this period of time (including phone, email, and conversations) - You can use checking messages and social media after your session is done. This will act as a reward for you and will condition your mind to finishing tasks for the reward that follows. We Look Forward To Hearing About Some Of The Strategies That Work Best For You! 🌎🎵#Efficiency #StudioTime #Music


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