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Does Making Money From Music Make You A Bad Person?

Generally speaking people who are interested in making music are not doing it for the money. If you fall into this trap then you probably have picked the wrong career to begin with. You receiving money from your music does not make you a bad person however. You have worked hard to get to where you are in your career. Where you can start to see some real monetary return on your music. This is perfectly natural and may seem strange at first given it was never about that for you.

Why It Matters To You

It is your right to be financially abundant in this life. Whether that means you make music, sell art, sell hats, or create an ecommerce business. It doesn't matter what you do in this life as long as you are doing something that excites you everyday and allows you to live your desired lifestyle. Music being the primary driver is to be looked at with appreciation that you are valuable enough to make money by doing the thing that excites you the most.

Accepting Money

Accepting money from your music in all different ways may feel odd at first. This is okay. Receiving is just as important as the music you put out. Accept money from your music with gratitude and appreciation that the market valued your work enough to pay you.

"But I Don't Care About Money"

You most likely are not making music for money. You love doing it. Sharing it with people that love what you do and creating something that you end up enjoying is a tremendous feeling. In order to continue to have these great feelings and impact other peoples lives you will need to continue to work on music. The ability to continue to work on music will take money to pay for your cost to live. The more money you make from music, the more music you will be able to make. Money is a great tool for you to continue to support your career.


Accepting money from your music at first can have a different feeling. This is a great thing to reap the rewards from the value you have provided. It may take a little while to get use to this, but looking at money as a tool that will allow you to continue to become great and pursue what you want to do the most can help you.


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