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3 Reasons You Love The Music You Love

Have you ever wondered why you enjoy certain types of music?

There are a lot of reasons you enjoy music. The truth is music evokes emotion in some way. Whether it be the message from the lyrics, the sequence of the instruments, or something else the main reason you enjoy music is psychological.

Here are 3 interesting reasons you love the music you love.

1. Relatability

You relate to music in more ways than you know.

Whether it be the imperfections in the song, the story the artist is telling, or the beat that relates to your personality.

People expressing themselves through music allows you to experience the emotions that are running through them as they create. We relate to this because of the different emotions we all experience on a day to day basis.

Next time you play a favorite song of yours see what you resonate with in the song the most. An example of this for us is "Camera's" - Wiz Khalifa. The message of the song is about the artists' journey to becoming a successful artist and realizing his dreams. We can relate to many lines in the song as we have experienced the same types of things.

2. Takes you to a different place

Have you ever listened to a song and been transported to when you first heard it, or another experience that you remember?

Music can transport you to a different place, past or future.

What an incredible power this is. For us an example of this is "Boston" - Kenny Chesney. We use to go to shows and see him sing this song at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts at the end of the summer. It transports us back to those memories we experienced.

3. Inspires you

Music is a great form of inspiration that can aid your imagination to come up with visuals as you listen to the song.

Inspirational songs give energy to you. We love stories and songs that inspire as artists share stories through music.


Music plays an important role in our lives. There are many reasons we love it, the more you explore why you love certain songs the more you will learn about yourself.

Keep listening, Keep learning, and Keep going!

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