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2 Simple Tips To Organically Connect With Your Instagram Audience

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

_____________________ 1. Give Before You Receive When you show genuine appreciation and support for an individuals work that you are reaching out to, and no ulterior motives, it will allow them to accept and hear your ideas and or products in a more open way.

We are bombarded with people trying to sell us something everyday, and a method we’ve found helpful to pass through people’s guard is to show appreciation and give before you revive without any expectation of receiving in return. _____________________ 2. Instagram Voice Message Feature Reaching out through messaging and email is a standard strategy that absolutely does work, but a feature that has been a game changer for us is using the voice message feature Instagram has to offer.

When the other person hears your voice in your message it gives you a more humanized feel that they can connect to.

This one feature will also separate you from the rest who continue to use standard dm’s and who don’t feel comfortable reaching out via phone or voice message! Try putting one of these into practice and start small with implementing new methods and seeing what works best for you! #MariNation #Connection #Give 🌎🎵


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