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Is YouTube your best instrument?

The unparalleled success of YouTube & why you should care

When you first think about streaming music, you probably think about Spotify, Apple Music, or even SoundCloud. The truth is that Youtube reigns supreme when it comes to streaming content on the internet. They are the most visited video streaming site on planet earth.

Here's what you didn't know...

The Special Sauce

YouTube's algorithm is their special sauce. It's constantly updating based on how you interact. The different videos you like, share, and listen to on a regular basis tells the platform to give you more of that.

This is their famous recommended section. We'll be honest, we love the recommended section of this app. It has given us such much great content that we otherwise might have missed.

Use It Wisely

YouTube is one of the best places to learn anything in the world. Whatever you want more of in life, a quick search will direct you to someone who has accomplished it and steps to doing it for yourself.

Used in this way, along with inspiring your creativity with music can be a great mix for success. Don't overdue it though. YouTube is highly addictive if you are not aware of your time and how it is being used.

The Future

Short videos. YouTube shorts, Instagram reels, and TikTok videos. With human attention span getting shorter and shorter, these captivating short video clips give us the dopamine hit in a short amount of time.

Massive audiences are being built on these short video formats. Explore them for yourself.


YouTube is a tool. Use it as such. Reach and expand your audience by adding your content to the platform in the formats that perform the best (YouTube Shorts). Whatever style you have to offer, there are millions of people around the world who will connect with you and share your content.

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