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Why Objectives Matter To You

As the end of the first week of a new month comes to a close you can still set the objective for the rest of the month. Two suggestions you can use today to arrive at a destination you want by the end of November!

Why Objectives Matter To You __________________ 1. What do you want to accomplish and in what area of your music career? Different areas you could be focusing on but not limited to include Quality of music (maybe this is improving your mixing and mastering abilities or researching and developing a new technique). Quantity Of Music (by the end of November how much music do you want to have finished). New Sales And Monetization (what will the number be to make this month a step in the right direction with selling or leasing). 2. Be Clear And Specific Clarity and specificity allows yourself to have a focus on where you are heading. A suggestion is to be flexible with how it happens and take actions consistently towards your written clear objective and direction. __________________ Bonus: Write your objectives down. Put your objectives on paper and put it somewhere that you are going to see it. This will constantly remind you and help you be more accountable! Let us know if you need any help or have any questions! 🌎🎵

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