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The Little Known Psychology Of Music

Have you ever wondered about why you like certain songs, sounds, and instruments? There is a reason behind all of your interests when you look at the psychology of music. We will explore the different areas in which you experience music in your life and the influence it has on you as a person.

Why You Like Music

Without sound and music in our lives, we as humans may not exist. One of the very reasons we are still here is largely due to our ancestors being able to hear predators making an attack and being able to protect themselves from being an animals lunch. But the reason behind our fascination with music comes from a sense of communication and a neural chemical called dopamine. When we hear a soothing sound we like, the "feel good" chemical in our brain called dopamine is released, therefore making us feel good.

Your Personality

Your personality is not something you were just born with. You either cultivate a personality or you let the world cultivate it for you. The underlying messages behind the songs you primarily listen to have a large part with who you are as a person. If you are someone who listens to sad depressing music all of the time, you have a better chance of being sad and depressed. The opposite is also true for someone who listens to music about positivity and people making their dreams come true.

Influencing Your Decisions

Music has been used to influence every aspect of your life. The things you buy, the cars you drive, the people you like, and the relationships you have. Every great marketer knows that the music they choose for their advertising will go hand and hand with influencing the target audience (you) to buy their product. Do you think John Deer Company uses Kanye West to sway their audience? Absolutely not. The reason is that their audience doesn't listen to Kanye West (for the most part).

Every decision you have made comes in large part to the music, language, and messages you hear every single day. The repetitions over and over again shape your choices in your life without you knowing it.

How You Experience Music

You experience everything in your life through the state that you are in. Music is a powerful tool that changes this state rapidly. This can be for good or for bad depending on what you listen to or how you frame the words "good" and "bad". Haven't you ever wondered why a lot of parents don't want their kids listening to derogatory music? The reason is that the parent doesn't want their kid to pick up bad habits early in their life. On the other hand if you were to play an uplifting song and start dancing that immediately changes how you are feeling.


The music you listen to has a bigger impact on your overall life than you may think. Music has shaped us as people into the ways that we think, act, and feel. Music has been used to influence your decisions when it comes to buying products, your relationships, and every other aspect of your life. The little known psychology of music is a topic that can answer for a lot that has gone on in your life up to this point.

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