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Make More Professional Music (Production)

Make More Professional Music

1. Side-Chain Compression This is the process of having the effect level on one instrument controlled by the volume of another instrument. You probably are familiar with side-chaining a bass with a kick, but we’re going to give you an example of a lesser known form of side-chaining which is side-chain reverb & delay. Example: You have a Reverb Send & a Delay Send (which are just two separate mixer tracks of one being reverb and one being delay). So you take any element you have and send that element to each of these tracks. From there you would set up a compressor inside each of the sends and connect it to that element. Now when that element is not playing the reverb & delay isn’t in effect as well. This cleans up space in your production for a cleaner more professional sound. __________________ 2. Parallel Compression This form of compression can be setup as putting a hard compressor on its own channel (as a send). Then sending any element to this channel (in a lot of cases drums) and adjusting the amount of compression you want to taste. This can be useful for more presence and clarity amongst other elements in the song. __________________ Bonus: Gain Staging This is the process we suggest you take before mixing any of your sounds and elements. This is simply putting all sounds in your production to a volume of -12db or lower. Make sure that you use the volume knobs on the plugins and or samples that are incorporated in your work before you touch the mixer track! Let us know if you need any help or have any questions! 🌎🎵#MariNation #ProductionTips #Music


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