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Kill Writer's Block With 1 Simple Trick

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

An effective way to overcome creative blocks

If you're a creative person you've experienced writer's block at some level along the way. The main thing you want is to find out how to never have writer's block again.

We'll be honest with you, you can kill writer's block but it will come back at certain points in your creative process. Think of it as a constant battle, but you have the power to always win when you apply this trick!

The Trick

Make a mess!! Our secret trick to defeating writer's block is to make a mess. Get started making music (bad or good), go through the motions, and just create. Make a complete mess of the project you are working on, take it down a different road and explore. Going a thousand miles an hour in the wrong direction is better than standing still. Don't delete any of the work you previously did if this is the case. Just give yourself space to create and make mistakes.

This works because you are moving to action. When you move to action, everything else flows naturally. Your brain is wired to experience emotions followed by behavior.

"You have to make bad music before you can make good music"

- Ed Sheeran

A secret is to edit your "mess" until you enjoy it. If you don't enjoy what you created, just get rid of it. No problem. After this tell yourself you just got all the bad writing out to now have extra room to create something great.

The Hardest Part

Getting started. The hardest part is the start. No way around it. You and getting over music is this resistance. Think of it as peacefully moving through a stream, conquering a city, or defeating someone who offended you in your past.

However you want to view this hurdle in order to get over it, do it. In small amounts, view someone who you dislike as competition or they will be "right" about you if you give up. Be careful about the long run effects of this strategy though. Small doses.


This is 1 simple trick to kill writer's block. We have used this along with the highest performers in the world. You will constantly face blocks, obstacles, and challenges.

The good news is that you are not alone. You are stronger than you think. And there are tricks and strategies for you to achieve great things. To your great writing!


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