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How Music Investing Problems Will Make You a Better Artist

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

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You want to to afford a lifestyle where you spend your days doing what you want to do. Not having to answer to someone else and being told to do this job, be here at this time, and wear these clothes.

Can you imagine a world where this is the case? It sounds similar to prison!

Our major aim with creating this app has been to improve the financial lives of music creators. We are music creators ourselves and see how music has become a commodity. This is ok, but to sit back and let a made up system determine what is valuable and what isn't, doesn't sit well with us.

Read this article that will walk you through how it works today and the reasons a solution for the future is necessary.

Music Investing

Music investing is for investors and creators. The investor gives money to support projects for the artist. In this case the investor will receive a percent and the artist will receive a percent.

The investor gives money. The artist gives time and energy creating. The idea is to have someone fund a music project in order for it to make money in order to recoup the initial investment and make a profit.


The model today is to have a fan buy shares of single songs and receive royalties based on the performance.

This in theory sounds like a plan, but the problem is how saturated the music industry is. There are too many songs being released each day for the artist to make a substantial return that profits both the artist and investor.


Two options exist currently. Either you have hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest or bet on artists individual songs becoming successful based on millions of songs being uploaded each day.

In the first case, the average fan can't afford to buy shares. In the second case the competition is too much to produce a return.


Collect the artists whole streaming revenue into one balance and allow fans to buy shares. This allows fans to own shares in many songs, be apart of the whole career, and profit consistently as the artist does.

The artist now has peace to make music and not think if this isn't a hit they will let down fans who gave them money. While having the money to fund projects.

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Music investing is the future of music set to help all that partake. It allows creators and fans to profit more, become empowered, and reinvent a system that has been in control of dictating what is valuable and what isn't.

It will make you a better artist with more resources and fan power at your disposal. Giving you the ability to afford a lifestyle making music.


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