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Drake's Secret To Making Hits

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

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Have you ever wondered how Drake always seems to put out hit songs? Us too! Which is why we researched what it takes to make consistent hit 1 songs in an industry that has more than enough competition.

In this article, dive deep into Drake's process, people, resources, and skills that surround him and his team.

1. Time + Effort = Success

Drake has been in the game for decades. He's put in his 10,000 hours of work with writing, singing, and experimenting different styles.

Here are some of Drakes numbers:

Studio Albums: 7

EPs: 4

Singles: 142

Music Videos: 84

This doesn't include the massive number of songs he's made and hasn't released! We estimate this number to be north of the 142 released singles.

Put out a lot of work over a decade and you will have incredible results.

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2. Team

Every great music artist has a team of people who each specialize in parts of the business they are good at. In Drake's case, Noah "40" is his main producer. They have been together for years which is an added bonus to knowing how each other operates.

Growing with people on your team is far more impactful than hiring someone who is there to do a job and get paid. This one difference plays a huge role in developing good artists into great ones that continue to have success.

"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.

- Phil Jackson

3. Focus

His focus on the craft makes a big difference in the longevity he's created. More artists get caught up with fame and fortune that inevitably ushers them out of the spotlight and into early retirement while Drake keeps getting bigger and better.

When you have focus towards being the best backed with consistent work and patience, nothing will stop you.

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4. Connections

When you're just starting out, no one will speak with you. No one will listen to you, share your music, come to your shows, or tell their friends. When you get that first breakthrough of success, everything changes.

People support you, tell you how amazing you are, and share all their trade secrets and contacts. Drake has had multiple breakthrough successes in his career, which come with connections to the biggest music labels on the planet and the reach, resources, and rolodex to match.

In addition to this, Drake has his pick of the best beats from the best producers around the world. Although he picks them based on whether they are good or not, if it has potential, and is moved to start making a song.

"Success breeds success"

- Mia Hamm

5. Money

More money means more marketing dollars to reach more people. It means more professional music videos. It means hiring the best engineers you can find to polish your song, produce your track, and launch a multi million dollar campaign targeting your audience that will spread your song.

Money allows you to have prime placement on streaming platforms, radio, and commercials as well.


Drake keeps coming out with hit songs after hit songs. We believe these are the main factors to his great susses. Although there are other factors in place, the formula is now in your hands to replicate for greatness.

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