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Why Humility Will Lead To Music Greatness

Avoid Ego & Into A Winning Mindset

Why do you feel the need to explain yourself in certain situations? What if you didn't?

Instead, you practiced humility to remove your ego, listen, and unemotionally to what is said.

You now have the power to see if some of what is said needs to be looked into further.

This gives you information to create a successful outcome you want.

Humility takes constant practice and is a challenge.

Especially if the person is close to you or you are emotionally involved in an idea or way of life you feel strongly about.

Applying It To Music

The music industry is filled with egos and opinionated people.

Making music is a collaborative effort. Humility will help you collaborate more effectively.

We have run into artists who dislike hearing opinions from music executives because they lack knowledge around the creative process and will give their opinions whether you want them or not.

Having humility allows you to hear out thoughts that are uninformed, but could actually lead to an idea in your writing.

The opposite is to shut their ideas out and assume you know what's best.

Narrow minded thinking does not open up possibilities for creative discovery.

Practicing humility with people who are not creatively involved allows them to be heard and provide you insight.

Whether you act on it or not is up to you.

What You Gain

It allows you to see things clearly.

When you have clarity on a situation, you can now take action on the solution.

Emotions get in the way of your decisions. In order to make the best ones, emotions are better left out.

Humility gives you different opinions and perspectives to produce outcomes you want.


Say Less

Be the one who talks the least in a conversation.

You already know what you know. It doesn't serve you to tell others what you do or do not know when gathering information.

Prepare in advance

Ahead of an interaction. Prepare to be open and leave emotions at the door.

"I'm going to be open. I might gain something."

Ask Yourself These Questions

"Is what I'm doing the best way possible?"

"What if I look at this differently?"

"How can I use this to help me?"

"Am I wrong about ___?"


Mindset of people who keep winning in music all have practiced humility

Your goal is not to prove yourself right, it's to succeed.

Humility allows you to produce better results.

You keep reviewing your life to get better. Your success is inevitable.

Thank you for reading till the end!


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