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A song that will make you run through walls

Song: BEKA - You Got

Ever been inspired, empowered, energized, and ready to take on the world from one song?

Take a listen...

The Review


The fast moving clock sound starts off and gives us the tempo and speed that is to come. Background riser is subtle and smooth that lifts us into the verse.


Beautiful vocals are introduced with a smooth synth and guitar chords. Our story begins. Simplicity is beautiful.

Pre Chorus

A beat with a retro style melody comes in as the artist sings the pre chorus. A white noise riser or reverse cymbal gives momentum and build into the chorus which will hold the most energy.


The main beat kicks in with added guitar chords, a beautiful fluttered background FX and added vocal layers.

The chorus ties in elements that came before from the intro till now. It gives familiarity while maintaining the artists vocals as the centerpiece.


Creates space for us to digest all that has happened. Building anticipation for the big finish that is to come. Elongated reverb from the last guitar hit helps create the space.

Added vocal layers with panning add depth to this section highlighting the main message.

The Vocals & Story

The story starts off with wisdom to learn from other's mistakes. To make conscious decisions that will benefit not only your life but the lives of other's.

A familial element with parents passing down wisdom and lessons to their children.

The chorus is filled with affirmations that you have all the abilities inside of you now to do anything your heart desires.

Encouragement and motivation is great to have from others, but must come from yourself on a constant basis.

Wrap Up

The review and breakdown shows you the elements to this moving song.

Song checklist:

  1. Create nuance and familiarity

  2. Create tension and release

  3. Keep it simple

  4. Tell a great story

You got the fire baby! Keep going. #MariNation


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