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5 Entrepreneur Lessons From Starting The Stock Market Of Music

Music Entrepreneur Justin T. Longo


Today marks the third year anniversary of MariNation, "The Stock Market Of Music". To say it's been a journey is an understatement.

I warrant no sympathy in this article and am not portraying this as a story of massive triumph on my part.

These are interpretations of events that lead me here and lessons I've learned so you can learn and apply them into your life wherever you see fit.

Here are 5 Entrepreneur Lessons From Starting The Stock Market Of Music:

1. Feeling Of Giving Up

I have felt like giving up on this company, mission, and dream hundreds of times.

When you do something new and unfamiliar, your mind makes up reasons to bring you back to safety and comfort.

The truth is that you are stronger than you think and temporary emotions and feelings are just that, temporary.

Feeling like giving up is natural if you are doing something that is worthwhile and causes you to grow.

The majority of people do not have the dream, because if it were easy no one would quit.

"The cowards never started and the weak died along the way. That leaves us ladies and gentlemen."

- Phil Knight

2. Accept Yourself

If you're cool with yourself other people can't effect you.

There was a time when a person I knew tried to embarrass me in front of a room full of people while I was creating music (not the norm in my social circle).

At this point I had put in a lot of time, money , and hard work. On top of moving out of my comfort zone and growing as a person.

In that moment I knew who I was regardless of what anyone thought of me.

It was a liberating feeling because I had done incredibly hard things and gained wisdom and respect with myself in the process.

Self respect with you matters more than anyone's opinion.

No one can effect you in life unless you let them.

3. It's Lonely

To have something you've never had. You have to become someone you've never been.

When you go for something that requires an incredible amount of effort and time you will not have a lot of company.

This one stings, but is apart of the journey.

It's a paradox to sacrifice spending time with those you love to pursue dreams for their benefit.

The choice's you make are completely up to you.

Check out the parable of the Mexican fisherman to understand more on this.

Music Entrepreneur Start

4. Surround Yourself With Great People

This point is geared towards the people who are aligned with your beliefs and vision of creating a great company or whatever you are doing.

You absolutely need people to accomplish anything in life.

People who are better at certain skills than you that compliment what you are good at.

Software Developer Marjorie Sànchez

I have been blessed to have worked with great people with building MariNation.

People who have received little to nothing in relation to compensation for their great work.

Because they believe in what we are doing and want to create a great life for themselves and be apart of an organization where they do what they are good at and love to do.

5. Change Is Inevitable

It is your ability to come to terms with this realization that is the trick.

It is difficult to be okay that you do not have control over certain things in life (most things) and to be flexible when said things inevitably change.

Life holds no emotions. It does not stand still. It does not wait for you to finally make up your mind. It perpetually continues forward.

Regardless of opinions, thoughts, beliefs, and everything constructed in life.

It changes and moves forward and will continue to do so long after we are gone.

Life is constantly moving forward, so should you.


These five lessons are at the forefront of growing in life towards a worthy ideal.

I do not know everything, but if you apply any one of these tips you will be in a better place in your life.

You are stronger than your emotions, earn your self respect by challenging yourself, and surround yourself with great people.

If you gained any value from these tips please comment below.

There are many more lessons that have been learned and insights we can deliver.

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Thank you for reading!


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