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Why The World Will Not Survive Without Creative People

Why The World Needs Creative People

The world needs creative people in order for it to survive. Think about everything that is around you right now. At one point in time those objects and devices were the thoughts of an individual(s) for a creation to give people tools to improve the quality of life. Creativity is in each and every one of us and has been prominent in the lives of great musicians, artists, inventors, athletes, business tycoons, investors, teachers, and the rest. The deterrent to exploring professions that are creative is that the financial return initially is almost always uncertain which directs people into average career paths (almost always eliminating the ability to exercise this creative muscle).

Below are our thoughts on why the world needs more creative professionals to enhance the quality of our lives and to improve upon the disasters that plague us as a society.

We Need Solutions

One of the main reasons we need more creative professionals in our society is that we need solutions. Solutions in the form of cures for diseases, habitat protection, global warming, violence, hunger, and pollution. Innovation is a key part to creating solutions for these massive topics that requires open minded outside of the box action oriented people. The world is riddled of negativity and horrible events. If instead of people putting them on display and watching them on television, they come up with creative ways to solve some of these problems not only would the world stand to benefit, but future generations to come.

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

- Steve Jobs (Apple, Inc)

Enhance The Quality Of Life

The device you are viewing this article on was made just for this, enhancing the quality of life. Enhancing the quality of life through products, goods, and services is such an amazing thing. From products such as the iPhone, to services such as Uber, and goods in the form of vitamins that increase vitality and health. Enhancing the quality of life for humanity does amazing things that increase our productivity to create and experience more. This comes in large part to services and products that convenience our lives. Uber is a great example of a service that saves millions of people time and energy. We exert energy with massive amounts of small decisions when we get behind the wheel to drive. The fact that you can have someone drive you around freeing up your time to do anything from thinking, answering emails and phone calls, to having a conversation with a friend are the types of results directly from creative people who are changing the world for the better.


There is no time in the history of humanity better to be alive than it is right now. Our quality of life as human beings is the best it has ever been. Human lifespans are increasing, along with technology and capabilities to connect virtually anyone in the world. This holds massive potential for new inventors and creative minds that will change the future for the better. This is the primary reason why the world needs more creative professionals in the form of music, art, entrepreneurship, and inventors. Not only will our people be more fulfilled to give the world their brilliant ideas and gifts, but humanity and the future generations to come will be much better off for it .


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