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Why Streaming Royalties Are Costing You Money

If you are not familiar by now, the major streaming sites payout to you as a music creator are as follows:

Major Sites Per Stream Revenue:

Spotify: $.0034

Soundcloud: $.0025

Apple Music: $.0100

As you can see that your per stream revenue looks to be less than ideal. Making you back a fraction of a dollar each time you receive a view on your music.


The reason this is costing you money is because of the trickle down effect that takes place. The streaming platforms have to collect your royalties from other parties who take fees and also have to receive permission to use music owned by other parties and companies (who also receive a percentage). Now after all of the fees, deals, and percentages that take place we come to you as the artist. In this chain of events it is clear where you rank on the priority list of needs that need to be met from a financial standpoint.


As of right now there really aren't any. We want to give it to you straight. When it comes to streaming, these are the major players in town. All of your fans and loved ones go to these sites to listen to music. Who would blame them! A site that offers free music streaming of over 60 million songs sounds spectacular. What more could you need as a fan? Your finances and career take a hit because of this however. The reason is the fact that you are not the primary customer in this scenario. Your fan is. The streaming is for the mass majority of listeners who want free music right now.

But What...

What if we could tell you that there is a site that will allow you to upload your songs and receive more value for your music? Sounds great doesn't it. MariNation allows you to do just that! As a music creator you not only receive more value per stream than any one of these sites but you also have the ability to make even more money on top of this by investing your revenue all in one place.


We pride ourselves on being completely transparent with you, so it wouldn't make sense to give you just the upside to this great platform, even though the pluses out weigh the minuses. The drawbacks are that your fans are not on the site yet. So how will you get your music heard? A way to make this whole operation run is to have your fans start listening to your music on MariNation. The more your fans start listening on the site the more money you make in the process.


Streaming is a beautiful creation that has taken off over the last decade. It offers everyone around the world the ability to listen to millions of songs for free. The major problem with this is the fact that it leaves you in the dust. The one who actually makes the very thing we are listening to. Go figure right! We have laid out the primary reason why streaming royalties alone are costing you money and an option for you to take back control. The only question is when will you get started!?

Share this with anyone who can benefit from this information. Help yourself gain more control of your music revenue!

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