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7 Key Methods To Facebook Marketing

It is true that there are commonalities that each social media site share when it comes to the topic of marketing. There are slight distinctions in approach when marketing your music on each of these platforms however. Each site is set up differently than the last to give the user a different social interaction with their following. Facebook has tools that you can use to reach a larger and more effective audience.

7 Key Methods To Facebook Marketing

1. Create A Facebook Group

Facebooks' content is more and more tailored to intimate personalized content. This is where your group comes in. Instead of trying to reach a massive audience of mainly passive fans, go towards creating an intimate group of fans that you can connect with in an organized group consistently.

2. Respond

Posting your content and links to your new releases is great, but there is a disconnect from a fan and artist perspective. Comment and respond to your audiences messages, suggestions, and feedback about what they like and want to see from you.

3. Add Video And Go Live

Adding video and live updates on your creative process increases this relationship immensely. The more you can engage with video the more intimate your relationship will be with your following.

4. Facebook Messenger

From an email list perspective, people are more likely to click on a message through facebook messenger than they are to a traditional email. Use this tool to have a higher click through rate so that more people click to view your messages.

5. Facebook Ads & Boosts

Facebook has a great ad integration on its site when it comes to narrowing down the right audience. They have tools set up for you to really focus on the people you want to reach. This can be more effective by reaching people who have a better probability of liking your music.

6. Personal Posts

When you go to make your posts, speak to your audience as if you are talking to one person. An example of what not to do is "Hey guys I hope all of you like this." This is the furthest thing from being personal and it implies that you are talking to a large amount of people. Not leaving anyone with a stronger connection to you as a person. Instead talk as if you are speaking to one of your fans in a natural way.

7. Join Other Groups

Networking in other groups who share your interests in music can help you grow as an artist. Leveraging these groups for this purpose along with having the group view your work will instantly gain you more attention. Other groups that are in your genre are a great way to gain exposure in a short amount of time.


Facebook marketing holds opportunities for you to explore through their tools, platform, and content integration. Use these 7 methods to have a better understanding about your audience, cultivate an intimate relationship, and have more eyes and ears on your work!

If you found this helpful feel free to give us feedback on future posts you want to see or need help with! What can help you the most right now?

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