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5 Reasons Why Your Social Media Is Failing To Grow

You can't seem to grow a following no matter what you try. The first step is to be honest with yourself why it isn't working. This article will help address what your problem is and guide you to solving it.

Select the main reason why your social media is failing to grow that best fits you.


1. Your Focused On Numbers Not Others

The majority of people focus on gaining more followers. The mindset of "what can I gain" is the fastest way to not grow anything. Any result in life is a by product of first providing value.

Focus on the one's who follow you. Who are they? What do they enjoy? How can you give them valuable content very few others can?

Shift your mind from numbers to others and it will drastically change the way people interact with you and your brand. From here the path to grow an extraordinary audience is in reach.


2. Failure To Optimize

YouTube is made for video, Instagram is made for images, and TikTok is made for short videos with emphasis on music. Use the platform for what it is designed to do.

Next use all the appropriate hashtags, tag-lines, and titles to attract your audience with interest. This leads to the site distributing your content to people beyond your following.

Use the platforms for what they are designed to do and create specific engaging content that triggers the platforms algorithm to do your bidding.

3. You're Not Consistent

If you upload once a month, once a week, or a lot one week and nothing the next, you don't stand a chance. You are too irrelevant. Your audience has so many options to choose from that you get left in the dust.

Maybe they don't unfollow you, but they don't "follow" you.

A way you can avoid this is to post at least once a day. Try setting a goal to post once a day for 30 days.

Do you think you can do it...?


4. They Don't Find Your Content Valuable

This one can sting, but important to address. The bottom line is that people do things in life because they get some sort of value out of it. Whether they get value in being entertained, educated, or controversial. It all provides the person with something.

A way you can start to provide your following with value is to find out what they enjoy. Answer this to create content that gives value to keep them coming back.


5. Patience

To expect results when you haven't put in sufficient work and consistency over a long period of time is crazy. You see people who blow up over night on social media, but you fail to see that this wasn't their first post. Or even their 100th!

If you address what isn't working, focus on what does, and maintain consistent patience you will see results.


These are the main reasons why your social media is failing. We have addressed the problem and now provided the solution.

Stay with it, stay patient, and keep experimenting! You Got This.

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