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Get money for music
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An app that helps music creators who need money, partner with fans to prosper as artists.

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Thrive in 3 easy steps. 

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Step 1

Download The App

Start your journey by downloading the free app to your mobile device.

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Step 2

Create Initial Music Offering (IMO)

Connect your music sites to calculate the total amount of revenue you make as an artist.

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Step 3

Survive As A Music Creator

Live your dreams as an artist by eliminating stress around funding your music.

Even if you have the best song in the world, the market will under value it. 

It's true... the music industry makes 89% while music creators only make 11%. The MariNation app takes away stress around funding your projects giving you more time to create. 

Get money for music 

Create loyal fans

Prove you can make it creating music

Give fans another reason to share your songs

More time to create & play music 

Eliminate stress around money

Creators just like you.

Live a life creating, connecting, and playing music with others.

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Success Guide To Music 



What You'll Get 

Make better quality music

Cultivate loyal fans

Make more music income

Have a happier life around music

Trusted by music creators around the world.


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